Printing on fabric, wood, stone... or stamps?

Printing on fabric, wood, stone... or stamps?


New direct printing technology for textiles with colours in the CMYK colour scale allows you to print images and motifs according to your wishes, on all types of textiles. Colours are water-based and, with a special technique, they penetrate deeply into textiles. They are suitable for ironing and washing. The print is also available in white. Printing is possible from one piece of textile onward.


With UV direct printing technique, we can personalise and imprint motifs on virtually all materials. Surface printing can be finished with gloss or matte effect, 3D effect, brail font. Finishing is made according to your wishes without limitations. The print is in the CMYK colour scale with the addition of white colour.


Stamps according to your wishes. With the latest technology, we can make a stamp with your motif, image, signature, text, in just 5 minutes. Without changing the colour pad and up to 10,000 impressions without adding colour.