Thermo-reflective insulation

Thermo-reflective insulation

Glass is one of the most important construction materials, mainly because of its ability to pass daylight into the interior of buildings. Transmission of light, which represents the value of glass surfaces, is often problematic. Heat and glare are problems that can be very disturbing for the users of business and living spaces.
Is there a solution?

The advantages of using such insulation are:

- Thermal protection: Due to the special coating of insulation, it protects from sunlight and heat in summer (up to 77%), and heat loss through windows in winter (up to 30%).

- Protection against UV rays: Normal glass does not block UV rays, which causes fading of objects inside rooms. The adhesive film on the glass is intended for reflection of UV rays (up to 99%) and protection against glare. With this, it helps for a better and more pleasant working or living environment, UV protection consequently prevents the fading of many objects exposed to sunlight. If used in the vehicle, it is an extraordinary heat and UV insulator.

Video presentation of thermo-reflective insulation:

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