Safety and Security window films

Safety and Security window films

Safety and security window films are films made of pure polyester of various thicknesses. We fix them on the inside of the window, thus increasing the compactness of the window glass. They are designed to prevent damage to glass or damage caused by broken glass, explosion. They are also suitable as a type of security, since they both aggravate and prevent burglary as well as various types of vandalism.

The materials used in the production of films only meet the highest international standards (BS, DIN, EN, and ASTM).

All the foils have a protective layer against scratches and thus allow for uninterrupted cleaning. They also have a UV protective layer and consequently prevent the fading of objects in the rooms.

All our foils meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

VIDEO: Test in case of explosion

VIDEO: Test in case of burglary