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Limitation of liability

At RSN MEDA we strive for the quality, accuracy and timeliness of data on the website www.rsn.si, but we do not guarantee the accuracy or the relevance of data or the non-functioning of the portal.

RSN MEDIA assumes no responsibility for the inconvenience or damage that might arise from users due to any incorrect, inaccurate or otherwise inaccurate information on the website www.rsn.si. We also do not take responsibility for viral or other infections or acts that have harmful properties.

RSN MEDIA reserves the right to change, add or remove content at any time at www.rsn.si, in whole or in part, including these legal notices, regardless of the reason and without prior notice.

Protecting privacy

The privacy of users at www.rsn.si is of the highest importance for RSN MEDIA. This Privacy Statement defines the collection and use of Site Visitors data.

Most of the content on the portal is accessible without collecting personal information about the user. The only information we collect during a general visit is data from a standard server log that is used to analyze usage and improve the usability of the portal. There are no personal data among them.

When browsing the web pages, the server on your computer stores a piece of information that is not of a personal nature and is used for a more user-friendly use of the portal in the so-called cookie. When you close all web browsers on your computer, you should also destroy all the cookies your website has temporarily stored on www.rsn.si on your computer. You can order your browser to alert you whenever the server sends you a cookie or changes its settings so that it does not accept cookies.

In order to send your request you need to enter your information, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we need a user's permission. Whenever you can request that your contacts be deleted, in this case please contact us at our info address.

The data we leave is collected only for the purpose defined in the contact forms, and we will use it exclusively to contact the person for the purpose indicated by the sending of the demand.

We will not transfer personal information to third parties.